Question: How To Twerk Ps4 Controls For War Thunder?

What is the best controls for War Thunder?

Git rid of all the ” Fire small-caliber/large-caliber/Additional/machine Gun” and ” Drop/Fire Bomb/Rocket/Missile” buttons. “Fire Primary Weapons” to your normal click, “Fire secondary” to a side mouse button if you have it or Spacebar otherwise.

How do I play War Thunder with a controller?

Joystick Setup

  1. Go to Controls tab.
  2. Run the Controls Setup Wizard.
  3. Choose your unit type.
  4. Then select your joystick model. If there is no your joystick model, then you have to adjust controls settings manually. Also, we do not guarantee that the game will completely support a joystick which is not from the list.

How do you drop bombs in war thunder ps4?

The farther you are from your target the earlier you have to drop your bomb as gravity will start to pull it down more. Some planes are good for dive bombing, which makes it easy to hit stationary targets, like the Ju’s. Just fly straight down at them, drop your bomb, and pull up.

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How do I leave my plane in war thunder?

There should be a button on your controller that opens up a menu to change options, controls, leave back to hangar, etc. In that menu should be another option that says “Leave the Vehicle” This is your J button that acts immediately without a three second countdown.

How do you turn on smoke in War Thunder PS4?

Inflict 50,000 damage while controlling bluewater ships of rank II or higher.

  1. To select aerobatic smoke, go to Settings → Air Battle Settings → Aerobatic smoke type.
  2. New Year Aerobatic Smoke will be available for online battles in one of the incoming updates.

Can I use a controller for War Thunder PC?

War Thunder – New revolutionary War Thunder controller – Steam News. Gaijin Entertainment announces the start of the production of War Thunder Controller – the unique device compatible with all major gaming platforms. Players will easily hop from one vehicle to another using the War Thunder Controller only.

Can you use Hotas in War Thunder?

The setup was awesome for PS3 games. However, when you try and use the Hotas X on the PS4 and play War Thunder, it needed a lot of tweaking in the settings. Those who played Birds of Steel on PS3 with the Hotas X will feel right at home with the default layout for arcade and realistic battles.

What is the button to drop bombs in War Thunder?

Sugesting option, to press and hold the “drop bomb” button (space by default), that would release bombs untill button held down or bombs are all dropped, in order to carpet bomb, as it should work. Give us separate bindable bomb release button, to make this choise.

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How do you become a good bomber in War Thunder?

Bombers start out at higher altitudes than any fighter, and should for the majority of the game, maintain high altitude or try to climb even higher (though not at the sacrifice of air speed).

How do you check bombs dropped in War Thunder?

Go to controls, then select view control tab, and then look for Tracking Camera: Bomb/Torpedo – bind it back to U or whatever other key you prefer.

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