Often asked: How To Find Twerk Videos On Tiktok?

Where can I find good twerk videos?

YouTube is the best source for twerk videos because there are so many choreographies to choose from. If you have a specific song in mind, chances are there’s an online twerk video that comes along with it.

How do I find certain videos on TikTok?

How do I Search?

  1. Tap Discover, located at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Search a specific video or type of content in the search bar located at the top of the page. Be as specific as possible.
  3. Results will show on the Top tab.
  4. Explore the other search tabs for related content. TikTok.

Is Twerking allowed in TikTok?

TikTok is a platform that celebrates creativity but not shock-value or violence. We do not allow content that is gratuitously shocking, graphic, sadistic, or gruesome or that promotes, normalizes, or glorifies extreme violence or suffering on our platform.

Is twerking a bad word?

Some may argue that twerking is terrible and degrading, as it tends to have a negative connotation against individuals who decide to twerk in clubs—the dance move is often considered to be too suggestive and not classy.

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What does God say about twerking?

The Bible says to flee sexual impurity and immorality. Twerking is a dance form designed to stimulate sexual thoughts and feelings. The Bible may not specifically use the word “twerking” but it addresses the attitudes behind it.

How do I find old TikTok videos?

Scroll down to the bottom of the file until you find the “Video Browsing History” file. Open the “Video Browsing History” file (it may take a while to load). The “Video Browsing History” file contains all of the videos that you’ve ever watched on TikTok.

Where can I find Tik Toks?

The first way to find a TikTok to watch is from the Home screen.

  1. Go to Home from the menu bar.
  2. Tap Following at the top to see videos from accounts you follow.
  3. Or, tap For you to see trending videos and videos that TikTok recommends.

How do I search for TikTok videos without the app?

To watch TikTok videos without an account:

  1. Go to TikTok.com on desktop.
  2. In the search bar type in the username.
  3. Click on the profile and enter.
  4. Find the videos you want.

Why is TikTok blocking my videos?

There are several reasons why your video can be blocked or deleted by TikTok. In most cases this is a violation of one of the app’s guidelines, but it could also happen because in your video you use, show or talk about a certain product and this is seen as sponsorship.

Why did TikTok take down my video?

If you ‘accidentally’ upload too many copyrighted works, your account could even be shutdown. It’s important to note that this may also extend to other material, such as artwork or films, which may find their way into your TikTok video. Or you may have your video taken down before it even takes off.

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What age is TikTok for?

To sign up for TikTok, you must first pass through an age gate to get you into the right TikTok experience. In the US, if you’re under 13 years old, you’ll be placed into our TikTok for Younger Users experience which has additional privacy and safety protections designed specifically for this audience.

Who started twerking trend?

Though twerking began trending as a web search in November 2011, and despite its origins in the bounce culture of New Orleans in the late 1980s, the word twerk would be added to the Oxford Dictionary Online and attributed to Cyrus following her appearance at the MTV VMA Awards in August 2013.

Who was the first person to twerk?

Meet Shawn Hatfield, also known as Twerk. Back in 1989, he was a skinny, 16-year-old skateboarder living in Santa Cruz, California. Like many other white kids in the late ’80s, he and his group of friends were just getting into hip-hop music.

Why is it called twerking?

The term twerking comes from the New Orleans’ early 90s bounce scene. Modern day twerking is very similar to the Mapouka dance, and has existed for centuries. Twerking is also prevalent throughout the reggae and dancehall culture.

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