How To Twerk In Hotel Hideaway 2018?

What level do you have to be to twerk in hotel hideaway?

Please note that unless stated otherwise you need to be at least level 9 to use any of these gestures.

How do you get rich fast in hotel hideaway?

Get rich quick Hotel Hideaway!

  1. Rifts are one of the best way to get money. you get 4 tokens that multiple the coins you get by 4 and you can use 4 adds i recommend you use all your adds on diamond rifts because those are the most uncommon.
  2. Tips:the more you level up the more you will get out of rifts!

What are all the secret rooms in hotel hideaway?

Secret Rooms Arcade – Behind the speakers in the top right of the Beach. Grand Library – The book laying behind a shelf in the Arcade. Wine Cellar – 3 people must put their hands on engravings on the Fusion Kitchen walls at the same time. Hallway – Take the door from either Relaxarium, Fusion Kitchen or Sunset Street.

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How do you customize a hotel hideaway room?

Room customisation is available via a panel on the wall that’s hanging close to the door. Once tapped on, it opens up a scroll menu on the right side of the screen in which a player can find all the furniture they have available for them to decorate the room with.

How do you get clothes on hotel hideaway?

You can buy clothes in most rooms of the hotel. Each Shop has it’s own clothes and style. The Wall Mall – Clothes, accessories, shoes and hairstyles. Season Shop (This is a shop that appears sometimes in special part of the year, and is always different.

How do you unlock the stickers on hotel hideaway?

Go to Fusion Kitchen’s Secret Room, the Wine Cellar. Drink from the wine container for at least 2 minutes. When you get up, you will receive this sticker.

What is the fastest way to get diamonds on Hotel Hideaway?

You can get diamonds by:

  1. Completing achievements.
  2. Purchasing them from the Gift Shop.
  3. Extracting them from rifts, using your warper.
  4. Watching in-game ads in diamond rifts.
  5. Opening suitcases.

Can u trade in Hotel Hideaway?

Trading isn’t something we ‘re planning to ever add to Hotel Hideaway. And apart from that they would have to mess with A LOT in the game.

How do you sell on Hotel Hideaway?

Simply tap the item you wish to sell and a tag will appear at the bottom of the box that tells you how much it will sell for.

What is the highest level in hotel hideaway?

The current maximum avatar level is 50; prestige gem level 50, where the colour of the gem level 50 is red with all five stars in it.

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How do you get to the pool in hotel hideaway?

It is your typical indoor poolside consisting of a hot tub, swimming pool, showers, and even a massage table. Although it is one of the main rooms, you cannot access it through the Elevator, and can only access it through the Relaxarium manually.

Who is Herman in hotel hideaway?

In-game Activity Herman is the Janitor that works at the Hotel. He is a very attractive and grumpy member of the staff, and will appear angry more often than not. When he isn’t slacking, he can be found running around the lobby and complaining.

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